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We've been serving Metro Atlanta for over 18 years.King's towing provides exceptional commercial towing services and specializes in heavy duty towing and semi truck towing. It's our home and backyard.We're also working hard to reach more cities outside the perimeter.

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Semi truck towing

King’s towing provides exceptional commercial towing services and specializes in heavy duty towing and semi truck towing.King’s heavy duty towing towing Atlanta extensive experience in light, medium, and heavy duty towing towing services plus an outstanding safety record we pride ourselves in.This includes but is not limited to heavy duty towing, winch outs, pull starts, load shifts, trailer shifts, equipment transport, and multi-vehicle transport. Our fleet of trucks can get your commercial vehicles back on the road or to the shop quickly. Local and long distant services are available 24/7. Call 678-933-1672King’s towing towing service offers heavy duty recovery services for complete accident and off road winching, up-writing and towing of heavy vehicles. Our expert 24 hour recovery services ensure the safety and security of your truck, trailer and cargo.

Getting your heavy duty towing vehicle or tractor trailer towed and recovered requires the right equipment and expertise. Here at King’s towing service we have the experience you need to get your trucks back on the road.At King’s, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide heavy duty towing towing for all your needs. We have a large fleet of towing trucks and equipment that will get you from where you are to where you need to be.Towing services include the retrieval and recovery of large semi-tractors, tour/city buses, coaches, tractor-trailers, RV’s, large fleet trucks, cube vans, bread trucks, semi-tractors and storage units. We accommodate weights up to 100,000 pounds .Our extensive and flexible fleet of heavy duty towing tow trucks are able to provide all sorts of truck towing services, both emergency and scheduled. Our reputation is known for providing quick, friendly, efficient and cost effective truck towing services for our clients and has allowed us to become the premier provider of truck towing services in Metro Atlanta area and beyond.

We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need help on Atlanta or the surrounding areas of Ga, call us at 678-933-1672 anytime.King’s towing provides towing service to customers with medium to heavy-duty equipment. King’s towing has the ability to handle the heaviest of trucks and equipment because we have a large, versatile fleet that allows us to do so. Our operators are able to tow the following:

• tractors

• Trailers

• Motor homes

• Boom trucks

• Buses

• Dump truck

• Garbage trucks